Urban Retreat  Massage & Day Spa  

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We are looking forward to treating you! Here are a few guidelines that will assist you to make sure you enjoy your treatment to the maximum:

Treatment Preparation

We provide all products and facilities required for all of our treatments. We simply ask that you plan your day so that you arrive with plenty of time to relax in our beautiful reception area before your treatment.


Arrival & Lateness

Please make sure you arrive on time, as our therapist will not be able to extend your treatment if you are late. Please note that we reserve the right to charge the full treatment fee for your booking if your treatment is shortened due to your lateness. We suggest planning on being here at least 10 minutes early, to allow extra time to find on-street parking. If you are early, you are welcome to come and relax in our large reception area.


Treatment Timing

Treatment times include a professional consultation with your therapist as well as massage time, so that we can ensure we treat you appropriately and meet all of your needs. If you require a long remedial consultation we suggest you book extra time onto your treatment.



Most of our body treatments require you to be at least partially unclothed. You may opt to leave underwear on for all treatments, although we do provide disposable underwear for scrubs & wraps so you can avoid product on your own clothing. All of our Remedial Therapists are qualified and professional and as such they will ensure that you are appropriately draped at all times, and body parts that are not being treated are covered.

If you are too hot or cold, please let your therapist know immediately, so that they can add / remove blankets for you and adjust the room temperature.

If you prefer not to undress, there are several treatment options available to you. Choose from Reiki (energy healing), or any of our Foot Pamper or Facial treatments.


Shower Facilities

Some treatments use more oil than others, and most massage treatments will result in some oil on your face and in your hair. If you intend on going out after your treatment and would prefer to shower products off, please let us know so that we can ensure our bathroom is available and prepared for you.



We respectfully request at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel your appointment, as this allows us to offer your appointment time to our waiting list of clients. We understand that sometimes this is not possible, however please understand that we may apply a cancellation fee should you cancel short notice.