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Health Fund Rebates & Massage

If you require a rebate, please let us know at time of booking, so that we can ensure you are booked with a Therapist who is a provider for your health fund. Remedial Massage provider numbers are specific to each therapist, and while all of our therapists have a minimum Diploma Massage qualification, not all Therapists are providers for all funds, as it does depend on the Therapists’ choice of training college and the change in requirements as deemed by  Medibank Private and other health funds.

                                           You can claim a health fund rebate for Remedial Massage under most private health insurance, so long as your coverage allows (this is specific to your policy – if in doubt, we recommend you contact your health fund provider to confirm). We will provide you with a receipt to use to claim – use the Therapists’ provider number for your fund, found on the bottom of the receipt, to claim back your rebate online for most funds, visit your health fund’s claims office, or post receipt to your fund.


 Our Qualified Remedial Therapists

Many clients do not realise that in Queensland there is no government requirement for massage therapists to be qualified or formally trained. When you visit Urban Retreat Paddington, you can rest assured that the Therapist you see is a fully qualified Remedial Massage Therapist. All of our Therapists have completed a minimum of Certificate IV in Massage, having also obtained or completing a Diploma of Remedial Massage. All Therapists are members of a professional massage association and are required to complete regular and on-going skills updates. We also run regular training for our staff in the Retreat, to ensure that you receive the highest quality of treatment every time you visit.


New Therapist Claim Delays

When a new therapist joins our team here, they have to undergo a lengthy provider registration process for them to have their provider numbers transferred to cover clients at our Retreat address. This can take up to eight weeks or longer .  In most  cases, this may mean you are not able to claim with that therapist until their provider numbers have been updated. If you are concerned about this, please check the Therapist profile page, as this will tell you which therapists already have provider numbers located at our address, or discuss with us at time of booking so that we can ensure you are booked with a therapist who already has their provider numbers located at our Paddington Retreat address.


Unfortunately private health funds have been going through a continual change in criteria needed by the Therapist to register for a provider number in the last few years, largely driven by government health funds.  This often means very experienced Therapists are unable to register for provider numbers as the criteria of their Diploma studied many years ago does not tick all the boxes.

The Therapist is often unaware that they have been deregistered from a fund until we have a client submit a claim that is rejected, regardless of having previously a provider number or many years of experience as a Massage Therapist.      

We thank you for your understanding in regards to this matter, which is beyond our control and apologise for any inconvenience as a result.